Indigenous Videos Series

Following is a series of short video clips on Youtube which touch on various Canadian, indigenous topics.

Watch the video and respond to the question or questions associated with the videos in your language arts notebook.

1. Penticton Indian Band Eco Sage Housing Project 3:01

What have you learned about this housing project?

What did you learn about the people who are building it?

2. The Oral Tradition of Storytelling 3:59

What did you learn about the history of Storytelling?

What was the purpose of storytelling?

3. T’Sou-ke First Nation 3:13

How does the community become sustainable?

What aspects of sustainability are they trying to address?

What Power source did they harness?

What are the two types?

4. Story of the Cree people (student project) 4:54

What did you learn about the Cree people from this video?

5. Swan Lake First Nation 3:12

What changes did they make?

What are some of the economic activities they engage in?

What are some of the improvements to their community that have resulted by their changes?

6. Food Truck Chef 2:21

What challenges did the chief face?

What is his hope for the future?

7. Murray Sinclair: What is reconciliation TRC 2:55

What did you learn from this video?

8. Indigenous Hunger keeps traditions alive 6:17 Start at 1:13

What did you learn from this video?

This exercise is designed to address specific curriculum expectations for Grade 7 Oral Communication, Demonstrating Understanding, 1.4. demonstrate an understanding of the information and ideas in increasingly complex oral texts in a variety of ways.